Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tweet tweet Tweet

Have you ever gotten some app for your phone because someone tells you to, or gone to some website because some told you it was awesome? That's how it was for me and Twitter.  I saw no point in tweeting at first, and I still don't see a huge reason.  I have 217 tweets....I know people with millions of tweets, as you can tell I am not an avid user, but I follow so many different people that my twitter feed is always full.  Having something like Twitter that is so viral and easily accessible makes your life almost daunting, you're constantly checking and making sure you don't have new tweets, and when you follow a ton of people there is always something new. For me Twitter is something that I just look at and follow a few people mostly sites that have no relevance or just funny pictures. I have started following a few authors as well as a few individuals involved with new types of media. Twitter is fun and a great way to get involved and stay up today without having to read huge long posts or look through a million people.

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