Friday, March 15, 2013

Second life and podcasting.

Second life. Sounds like some kind of cool spy thing "just my second life no big deal." In reality it's a virtual world where you essentially live.  I would much rather spend my time in the real world, sure I may not be able to go on vacation or be stuck in town due to snow wishing I was somewhere warm, but jumping into a virtual world to do these kinds of things makes no sense to me.  Second life seems like a waste of time or somewhere to go if you don't want to go outside.  I'm sure it's cool if you get into, but I honestly see nothing enticing about spending my time in a virtual world when the real world is pretty grand.

Podcasting sounds fun, I much prefer the idea of vlogging instead though. The podcast is essentially just listening to someone speak, which while entertaining, lacks reaction and emotion.  In a vlog you can see how the person is reacting to what they are saying and to me that's more interesting.

Smaller Potatoes

  • What's your experience with Myspace?  
    • Myspace...oh the middle school days!  I used Myspace very minimally throughout middle and high school. I actually had to delete my first Myspace account due to my mother disliking that I had a "social media" presence as a 14 year old.  
  • Any "cyberbullying" stories that you are aware of?
    • There are the ever present stories in the news, but I have had personal experiences with cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying is a cheap way to make people feel bad, and people that use cyberbullying are, in my opinion, terrible people.  
  • What's your take on the Lori Drew/Megan Meier story?  Especially the result?
    • My thoughts on the this story are the Lori Drew is an incredibly horrible person who took advantage of a fragile youth.  She knew exactly the effect her words and actions would have on Megan and seems to have felt no remorse for what she had done, only that she got caught.  
  • Describe your use of Digg.
    • I have never used my experience is non-existent. 
  • Reddit?
    • I do Reddit a bit, a lot of it is looking around at news and other information, or stupid pictures and memes. 
No second life or podcasting experience . 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arcana Slideshow

Using my blog to test out the two drafts I have for a slideshow for Arcana.

Arcana First Final Draft
Arcana Second Final Draft

There isn't a huge difference between them, but the first has the artist name on the image, and the second has the artist name listed in the description

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Imminent Internship!

As an English for New Media student I am a little scared about the ability to find and internship or even what my options are.  I'm not certain where to look or how to go about finding something that falls in the realms of my degree.  Recently I have started to think a little more about it.  With a new media degree I can do just about anything media related.  This includes, social media promotion, some public relations work, technical communication *depending on your minor or if you've taken classes related* There are so many options, the English aspect of the degree helps a lot too, you're able to apply for editing positions as well as certain journalistic opportunities.  I have found an awesome website to search for internships. Most of the opportunities are out of state, but sometimes getting away for a summer is a great option!  If you're looking for an internship give the website a look, maybe you'll find something awesome!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Arcana slideshow

Slideshow video i'm working on for a Publishing for New Media class, hopefully it works here!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Google Glass

Most likely no one else will find this video nearly as exciting as I do, but these are sweet!  I have been following the Google Glass project over the last few years and now that they are available for beta testing i'm incredibly excited!
Youtube is great for videos such as these and videos on how to do something as well as videos who's only intent is to make you laugh.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tweet tweet Tweet

Have you ever gotten some app for your phone because someone tells you to, or gone to some website because some told you it was awesome? That's how it was for me and Twitter.  I saw no point in tweeting at first, and I still don't see a huge reason.  I have 217 tweets....I know people with millions of tweets, as you can tell I am not an avid user, but I follow so many different people that my twitter feed is always full.  Having something like Twitter that is so viral and easily accessible makes your life almost daunting, you're constantly checking and making sure you don't have new tweets, and when you follow a ton of people there is always something new. For me Twitter is something that I just look at and follow a few people mostly sites that have no relevance or just funny pictures. I have started following a few authors as well as a few individuals involved with new types of media. Twitter is fun and a great way to get involved and stay up today without having to read huge long posts or look through a million people.