Friday, January 18, 2013

Dead or Alive?

I have used so many different kinds of hardware over the years. I've had five different laptops, a handful or two of digital cameras, cd players and mp3 players, smartphones, various video game systems and so many other hardware pieces. The better question now is which hardware's do I still use, and which ones do I use still (alive) and which ones have long since passed on (dead). 


Smartphone - I'm a "gotta have the new thing junkie" I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I absolutely love it. I have owned it now since September. 

Laptop - I have my fujitsu that I wish was a dead piece of hardware, but all around a great piece of hardware. 

Digital Cameras - I have two digital cameras both fairly high end point and shoots. I love them they take pictures quickly and produce quality prints. 

Xbox 360 - I love my Xbox, it's a great Netflix machine! That is the main use for my Xbox. 

N64 - I bet you thought these were dead! I play at least nightly just to have a retro throwback :)


Oh wow, I have far too many "dead" pieces of hardware. Handfuls of digital cameras, several mp3 players and cd players, a couple different smartphones, all kinds of old cellphones (including my trusty Nokia!), several laptops, and misc. hardware that I'm forgetting. 

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