Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Media, Media, Media

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, MSN Messenger, RockMelt, Pinterest, Imgfave, Imgur...etc. All of those are social media sites that I am a part of, yeah I know, it's a lot! Media has taken over a huge chunk of our lives and sometimes not for the better. At first I started with just Myspace and Facebook to keep in touch with friends suddenly the list grew. Online "socializing" is a great way for you to keep in touch, but I realized quickly after joining all these sites I do far more than keep in touch. I'm constantly taking quizzes, or liking pages, or looking up images and gifs, and not keeping in touch with friends.  While the internet and all the things on it are great and helpful for research and everything else the downside to it is, we lack face to face interaction and the ability to hold a decent conversation anymore.  Think back to the last conversation you had with someone, there is a 95% chance that you or that other person took out there phone during that conversation to either check a text, e-mail, or even facebook.  This completely distracts from conversation and prevents that intimacy of conversation.

Myspace and MSN Messenger were my first media adventures, both of them are dying fads but were pretty cool back in the day.  Myspace I mainly used to sift through music and post things to friends or bands.  MSN Messenger I used to keep in touch with friends from out of state as well as friends in town.

Facebook was my downfall. Oh the time I have wasted there, slowly killing brain cells.  At first it was an attempt to keep in touch with friends while we weren't sitting right next to each other all day...then it was for playing a game or two (FarmVille, Mafia Wars, and other such games) Then when I left for college it was for keeping in touch with friends that I wasn't going to see that often. Soon though it turned into sitting and staring at my news feed hoping for something entertaining to pop up.  Now my facebook kind of just sits open in the background with me checking occasionally to keep up with family in friends from out of town.

Pinterest, Imgfave, Imgur, and Twitter are some frivolous sites I visit and frequent just to look at new stuff and some DIY stuff as well.

RockMelt is a cool web browser that I do not currently use, but have in the past.  It links facebook, twitter, and other accounts straight into your browser and you can see the feeds from the accounts right in the browser itself, which is cool...until it updates a million times a second! (Ok so i'm really not that popular) RockMelt is invite only which is interesting and probably another reason it's not so well known.

I'm not saying media is bad, but I am saying that it has boiled over into far too many parts of our lives.

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