Sunday, March 10, 2013

Imminent Internship!

As an English for New Media student I am a little scared about the ability to find and internship or even what my options are.  I'm not certain where to look or how to go about finding something that falls in the realms of my degree.  Recently I have started to think a little more about it.  With a new media degree I can do just about anything media related.  This includes, social media promotion, some public relations work, technical communication *depending on your minor or if you've taken classes related* There are so many options, the English aspect of the degree helps a lot too, you're able to apply for editing positions as well as certain journalistic opportunities.  I have found an awesome website to search for internships. Most of the opportunities are out of state, but sometimes getting away for a summer is a great option!  If you're looking for an internship give the website a look, maybe you'll find something awesome!

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