Friday, March 15, 2013

Second life and podcasting.

Second life. Sounds like some kind of cool spy thing "just my second life no big deal." In reality it's a virtual world where you essentially live.  I would much rather spend my time in the real world, sure I may not be able to go on vacation or be stuck in town due to snow wishing I was somewhere warm, but jumping into a virtual world to do these kinds of things makes no sense to me.  Second life seems like a waste of time or somewhere to go if you don't want to go outside.  I'm sure it's cool if you get into, but I honestly see nothing enticing about spending my time in a virtual world when the real world is pretty grand.

Podcasting sounds fun, I much prefer the idea of vlogging instead though. The podcast is essentially just listening to someone speak, which while entertaining, lacks reaction and emotion.  In a vlog you can see how the person is reacting to what they are saying and to me that's more interesting.

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